French Guiana man to serve two years on illegal weapons, entry charges

A citizen of French Guiana was yesterday sentenced to a total of four years imprisonment after he admitted to charges of possession of arms and ammunition and illegal entry into the country.  The No. 51 Court heard that around 2:30 pm on November 26, Nigel Misidgan, 33, who entered the country illegally, had in his possession an unlicensed .22 revolver and two matching rounds of ammunition.

Magistrate Krishndat Persaud imposed a two-year sentence for the firearm charge and two years for the possession of ammunition. Misidgan was also sentenced to 12 weeks for the illegal entry charge. The sentences would run concurrently.

Misidgan first appeared at the Springlands Court on November 26 and had entered a not guilty plea and he was refused bail. He changed his plea yesterday.
Police Prosecutor Sergeant Michael Grant told the court that ranks were manning a roadblock along the Corentyne when they stopped motorcar PJJ 6010, in which Misidgan was travelling, along with the driver and another occupant. He said the police conducted a search in a bag that the man was carrying and found the weapon and ammo.

Asked if he wanted to say anything before being sentenced, Misidgan told the magistrate that he was not from this country and that he had gotten the gun from a man. He also begged the court to be lenient.

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