Ministry in drive to stabilize sugar, rice prices

The Ministry of  Agriculture’s  New Guyana Marketing Corporation  will  engage in  an anti-price gouging exercise aimed at  ensuring  that the price for rice and sugar remains stable, following reports that  wholesalers and distributors have been arbitrarily increasing the prices for these commodities, a release stated.

It also noted that there is an adequate supply of rice and sugar for local consumption.
Meanwhile, trucks from the Guyana Marketing Corporation will be at special distribution points which have been established for the sale of rice and sugar.

On Saturday the point of sale locations will be at Port Mourant Market (7:00hrs-11:00hrs), Mahaicony Junction (8:00hrs-12:00hrs), Mon Repos Market (7:00hrs-11:00hrs),  and Linden Market (8:00hrs-12:00hrs), and on Sunday the distribution points will be at  La Penitence Market and  Parika Market (7:00hrs-11:00hrs), GMC, Robb & Alexander streets (10:00hrs-14:00hrs), and the old Bureau of Statistics building site, opposite Parliament (8:00hrs-12:00hrs).

White rice will be sold at $400 per gallon and brown rice at $540 per gallon while  sugar will be sold at $60 per pound, the release stated.

In the meantime, special teams from the Guyana Rice Development Board and the Guyana Sugar Corporation will be investigating reports  and will take necessary action against those found guilty of hoarding rice and sugar. For more information, members of the public can call 226-8255/226-9599.

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