Police in stand-off with Benschop outside home

Police last evening were engaged in a  stand-off outside social activist Mark Benschop’s home as the lawmen attempted to question him over a traffic offence.

Benschop told Stabroek News last evening that he could not understand why the lawmen chose to visit his home at 10 pm to question him over the traffic offence. He said earlier in the day he had parked his vehicle in front of the gate along Vlissengen Road leading to the Mandela Avenue dumpsite to protest what he termed the authorities disregard for the health of residents living close to the garbage site.

Last evening when this newspaper visited Benschop’s Cane View Avenue home, two vanloads of police officers were awaiting orders from their superiors as Benschop remained indoors.

Sometime later the police left the scene and Benschop told Stabroek News later that the ranks passed by his home several times thereafter. He said the police detectives wanted him to accompany them to the Brickdam Police Station for him to be questioned on the traffic incident. He stated however, he would not leave his home at that hour of the night with his young son.

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