Accused serial chain snatcher remanded

A man accused of snatching a woman’s gold chain while on bail for a similar offence was yesterday remanded to prison at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court.

It is alleged that on December 11, at Georgetown, Dwayne Grant, 31, stole a gold chain valued $95,000 from the person of Sonia Rodney. Grant pleaded not guilty to a charge of larceny from the person when it was read to him by acting Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry.

In giving the facts of the case, prosecutor Stephen Telford told the court that Rodney was walking along the road when she was accosted from behind by Grant. The man allegedly rode past her on a bicycle and snatched at the chain she was wearing at the time. The court heard that the young woman resisted but Grant still managed to relieve her of the item.

According to Telford, later in the day Rodney identified Grant as the perpetrator of the crime and pointed him out to lawmen, who arrested and charged him.

However, the unrepresented Grant repeatedly maintained his innocence and complained that the police were on a quest to keep him off the streets for “whatever reason.” According to him, in the presence of the police Rodney said that he [Grant] was not the one who had snatched her chain.

Telford objected to the man being granted bail, noting that he had a pending matter of a similar nature and has been providing the police with a number of different names and addresses. Telford related also that the man was convicted of for a similar charge in 2005. The prosecutor contended that if granted bail, there is a likelihood that he would not return to stand trial.

The prosecutor’s request was granted and Grant was remanded to prison until January 11, when the case will be called for statements.

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