City thanks employees for dedication

The Mayor and City Council   has expressed gratitude to its employees  for  commitment to the work of the city while enduring  many difficulties with patience and understanding. 

The M&CC in a release yesterday also  said that without the hard work and commitment, in harsh conditions,  the council could not have achieved drainage, environmental and other works.

“Looking back, employees endured with patience and understanding  many difficulties.  The tight economic situation and precarious financial reality in which council must serve the citizens affected its ability to meet its financial and other obligations to its staff,”  the M&CC  said.

However, the workers still  pressed on “cleaning our canals, repairing bridges, enforcing the city by-laws and providing maternal and child welfare and day care services to citizens,” the M&CC acknowledged.

The council also noted  that many workers have been in its employ  for more than two decades and  have “worked with great dedication with little remuneration  in their particular stations.”

Meanwhile, the council  undertook to continue making “every effort to create the appropriate environment”  that would enhance the  personal development and work performance of their workers,  who  are  “among our precious assets,” the release added.

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