Man found with ‘orange peeler’ remanded

-accuses cops of harassment

A young man, found with a knife on the road by police, was remanded on a charge of unlawful possession of offensive weapon.
But while Colin Allen admitted to the charge, he told acting Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry that the instrument was for the purpose of peeling oranges. The charge stated that on December 16, at Georgetown, Allen had in his possession a knife without any lawful reason or excuse.
Prosecutor Stephen Telford provided no details of the matter to the court except to say that the “facts are as charged.”

The unrepresented Allen, however, told the court that the knife was for peeling oranges. According to Allen, he was at his uncle’s fruit stand on the day in question and was eating the oranges when the police came up some moments after and harassed him. He added that after trashing him, they [the police], relieved him of the $5,000 and cellular phone he was carrying at the time. After his explanation, the Magistrate entered a not guilty plea for Allen.  Telford had no objection to bail but informed the court that Allen was not a first-time offender.
The Magistrate later remanded Allen until December, 20.

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