Police arrest revellers after fireworks outside Buddy’s

-residents spooked

Police this morning arrested a number of persons in front of the Buddy’s Night Club and restaurant following the setting off of fireworks at the birthday party held there for city businessman, Paul Daby.

The fireworks which went on for several minutes spooked residents living near and around the area.

Stabroek News understands that several van loads of policemen descended on the club’s Sheriff Street location at around 5.45 am and arrested about six men and two women for disorderly behaviour. Two guards from the location were also detained.

However, the businessman had already left by this time. The remaining fireworks were also carted away.

“My nephew wake up trembling, that is how bad it is was, it is sheer flipping eye pass,” an angry resident of the Campbellville area told Stabroek News this morning.

The fireworks started at around 5 am today he said and it was about five huge carton boxes went off.

“They were like flares just like what the GDF use and these two men were just taking it out of  (a) vehicle, a white Tacoma and lighting them right in the box,” the resident said. As this was being done the partygoers were dancing around “and enjoying themselves while we the residents suffer.”

According to the resident the noise nuisance started from midnight with the beating of Tassa drums to herald the arrival of the businessman and there was a party session in front of the premises before the revellers headed into the night club.

“It ease down then and everything was ok but then with the firework, is just eye pass,” the resident lamented.

This newspaper was told that initially only one vanload of police arrived on the scene and the law enforcers were not aware as to who was lighting the fireworks. As they searched, the two men who were setting off the fireworks picked up the two remaining boxes and placed them back in the vehicle before driving off. About four other vans with lawmen then arrived on the scene and some persons were upset that the fun had been curtailed and behaved disorderly. As a result they were arrested.

“But they didn’t catch the man or the men who was lighting, is just couple people who cuss up and so on they arrest. That is a waste of time because you think anyone a them will tell the police” anything?” the resident questioned.

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