GAWU wants probe of derecognition threat

The Guyana Agricultural and General Workers Union (GAWU) this afternoon called for a probe of the origins of the Guyana Sugar Corporation threat to derecognize it.

It welcomed a statement by President Bharrat Jagdeo, as reported in the media, that the union will not be derecognised in the sugar industry. The threat was transmitted in a letter from Guysuco on Thursday.

In a statement, GAWU said that bearing the President’s stance in mind, Guysuco’s letter raises a very “serious question pertaining to the industry’s management. Apart from the President’s pronouncement, both the Ministers of Agriculture and Labour, when contacted, said they knew nothing of such decision. GAWU is aware too, that Guysuco’s Board did not meet for months. Some managers also denied any knowledge of a meeting where such a decision was taken.”

In this context, GAWU said the question arises, “who made such a decision that has obvious implications for the industry and which decision can only serve to undermine management-worker relations in the industry and worker’s well-being. This is a mystery that GAWU strongly feels should be investigated given its implications. Who is the muddled-headed person/s who took upon himself/themselves to issue a threat to the Union and which could have directly affected the sugar industry and workers’ livelihood.”

The union said since there is no acceptance of responsibility for the issuing of the letter threatening de-recognition, it should be immediately withdrawn.

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