Finland to fund sustainable energy from forests in Indonesia

JAKARTA,  (Reuters) – Finland is aiming to set up an   scheme to produce renewable biomass energy from Indonesian   forests next year, following in the footsteps of a lauded   Norwegian agreement to tackle Indonesia’s high deforestation.

Finland’s scheme, with initial investment of four million   euros, is small compared to the $1 billion pledged by Norway,   but is a sign more countries may look to do bilateral deals if   U.N. talks in Cancun fail to produce a global climate pact.
Australia said on Thursday it would increase its spending   on climate change financing by giving Indonesia an additional   $45 million for projects to reduce emissions from   deforestation and degradation (REDD) and for climate change   adaption.

Protecting forests is seen by some as the easiest and   cheapest option in the fight against climate change. The   Finnish project aims to support the forestry industry turn   towards renewable energy production.

“The focus will be on the utilisation of forest biomass   and the residues of the wood processing industry as renewable   energy sources,” Päivi Alatalo, the deputy head of the Finnish   embassy in Indonesia, told Reuters.

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