Squash in TT needs more push – Guyana coach

(Trinidad Newsday) Guyana’s national squash team coach Alwyn Callender, insisted that more facilities for development must be put into Trinidad and Tobago (TT) squash, to further the sport throughout this country and the Caribbean.

The coach who is nicknamed “Slash”, stated that TT has the desired skill to enhance the sport locally but doesn’t have the necessary facilities for proper development and training of younger players. He mentioned, “Squash is not given the needed attention in TT and organisations should take some time to realise the level of skill that TT can produce or have produced in this sport.”

The Guyanese coach insisted that more squash courts be built to cater for interested players in TT.

“With the knowledge of squash courts available, this might motivate youngsters to at least have a try, or begin to pursue the sport professionally.

Attaining more facilities for squash would increase the influx of interested players,” he noted.

Callender hailed TT squash champion Colin Ramasra as a strong motivator for upcoming players of this still budding sport. He stated: “Colin has dominated squash in TT and proven himself to be the best. His attitude is what makes him a great player, and young players must adopt this type of play in order to be truly successful.”

Callender went on to say, “after courts are built and the physical aspect of players are developed; it is only then we would be able to create world class players by now implementing the mental aspect of the game.”

He made known that squash is not about physical strength but advancing a player’s thinking into predicting his opponents next move and concealing his.

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