Cops kill ‘Dougla’ in Puruni backdam shootout

Police today said they shot and killed a man on Christmas afternoon in the Puruni Backdam after he fired upon them.

A release from the police said that around 14:00 hrs on Christmas Day a police patrol comprising ranks of the Tactical Services Unit along with ranks of E & F Division on anti-crime patrol responded to a report of threats being made by a man armed with a firearm in the Puruni Backdam.

The law men said that as they approached, the man known as ‘Dougla’ pulled out a firearm and discharged several rounds at the police who returned fire hitting him to his body. An unlicensed 9 mm pistol with four matching rounds and a quantity of cocaine were found in his possession.

A miner assisted the police in transporting the man to the Bartica Hospital, a journey of five hours, where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

A party of police ranks led by a senior detective is in the area conducting further investigations, the release said.

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