Motorcyclist wounded during armed robbery at gas station

A motorcyclist was shot in the leg during an armed robbery at the Texaco Gas Station, Mandela Avenue last night.

According to an eyewitness, three men, one of whom was armed with a gun, held up a female pump attendant around 8:25 pm. Demanding money, the armed bandit hit the female pump attendant with the gun and it went off.

The bullet hit Leroy Bynoe, who was sitting on his motorcycle in the gas station. At the time, Bynoe and a person in a car were the only two customers at the gas station.

Immediately, the gas station alarm sounded and the bandits ran off with some $60,000, which they had grabbed from the pump attendant. The police responded, but did not catch any of the men. However, it is understood that the gas station’s security cameras have captured the images of the three bandits.

Bynoe, who was wounded in the thigh, was taken to hospital.

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