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No big exodus

The United States says there are currently no indicators that lead the US Coast Guard to believe Haitian migrants are taking to the sea in increased numbers.

The statement came in a news release which said that a coast guard vessel had repatriated 90 Haitian migrants to Cap Haitien in northern Haiti on Wednesday.

It said they had been located Tuesday at sea in a grossly-overloaded boat.

The statement reiterated that all Haitian migrants intercepted at sea will be returned to areas relatively affected by January’s earthquake.

Large cash find

Federal drug agents have seized close to $3 million in cash at two locations in Puerto Rico, according to the US Justice Department.

It said that the Drug Enforcement Agency’s Caribbean Division seized the money at an apartment in the Isla Verde tourist zone and at the Luis Munoz Marin International Airport.

The seizure took place in a surveillance operation which began after agents observed two individuals unloading what appeared to be a heavy suitcase from a sports utility vehicle and entering a hotel.

Relocation rush is on

The effort to move displaced people away from vulnerable areas of Haiti’s earthquake-shattered capital is gathering momentum.

But even officials and international aid groups overseeing the effort say it’s just the beginning.

A temporary relocation camp has been set up 12 miles from the capital, Port-Au-Prince.

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