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Clamping down on illegal weapons

The St Kitts and Nevis National Security Ministry says tackling the smuggling of illegal firearms into the country is a top priority.

Some of these arms are thought to be used in gang-related acts of violence.

Kittitian police have so far this year confiscated 19 illegal weapons.

Meanwhile the police have confirmed that a shooting incident occurred in the vicinity of Government Headquarters late Friday night.

According to a police statement, shots were fired, although the authorities are not clear if the target was the government building, or a police guard there who returned fire.

No one was reported injured.

Nominating election candidates

Trinidad and Tobago’s governing PNM was yesterday nominating 41 candidates to contest the 24 May elections.

An opposition alliance comprising the main UNC, the COP and three smaller parties have indicated that between them they too will contest all 41 seats.

The UNC was expected to nominate over 20 candidates as part of the coalition.

Both the PNM and the UNC held major rallies on the weekend in different parts of the country in a show of strength.

Raul on watchdog list

Cuban President Raul Castro is on a list of what media watchdog Reporters Without Borders is describing as the world’s “40 worst predators of the press”.

The list includes politicians, religious leaders and militias and was released yesterday to mark World Press Freedom Day.

According to the Paris-based watchdog the 40 are “powerful, dangerous, violent and above the law”.

Seventeen presidents and several heads of government are on the list including China’s Hu Jintao, Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejehad, the presidents of Rwanda and Cuba, and Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.

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