Chavez warns against “mobster” Santos in Colombia

Santos is one of two leading candidates ahead of a May 30  ballot to replace Colombian President Alvaro Uribe,  Washington’s main ally in a region where Chavez and other  left-wing leaders say they are resisting US influence.

In a speech late on Friday, Chavez said any new leader in  Colombia could help restore bilateral ties — except Santos.

“This should be understood clearly, clearly, by the people  of Colombia. That man really is a mobster,” Chavez said.

“We can only re-establish economic and trade ties with a  government that we can talk to … Santos is the number one  ‘little Yankee’ in Colombia.”

Santos told the Reuters Latin America Investment Summit  this week that Colombia must maintain a firm hand toward Chavez  to resist what Santos charged was the leftist’s campaign to  spread his revolution across the border.

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