Restraining order fails to stop murder of mother

(Trinidad Express) A 41-year-old mother of two who had obtained a restraining order against her attacker was murdered by him on Monday morning.

Isha ’Babe’ Hosein, 41, was stabbed three times at her sister’s home, police said. The 43-year-old suspect then climbed a fence and fled into the bush.

He telephoned the police after the act to say he was going to commit suicide by drinking poison.

Police were in search of him on Monday night.

A three-foot-long piece of iron was found at the scene, police said.

Two months ago, Hosein and her two children-Shanelle and 12-year-old Janelle-moved out of their home and into her sister’s, two houses away.  The family lived at Naranjit Trace, South Oropouche.

Janelle wrote the Secondary Entrance Assessment examination in March and is awaiting results.

The dead woman’s sister, Anita Naranjit, said Hosein was being threatened by a man who was on drugs. ’Isha was thinking about her daughters when she moved out of her home. She didn’t want anything to happen to them,’ she said.

Hosein’s older daughter was spending the night at her grandmother’s house next door when the incident happened around 5.30 a.m.

’She spent Mother’s Day with her two daughters. Then we went across by my mother’s house and spent the evening. We had a good time together with the family,’ Naranjit said.

Naranjit said the suspect called her cellphone after the murder. ’He told me that he would deal with everyone who was keeping Isha from him. And he said I was lucky that he missed me,’ she said. The suspect told her that he had been waiting in the bushes for three days before the attack. Naranjit said the man also threatened to murder her mother, 65-year-old Dorris Samaroo.

Hosein’s brother, Ashram Samaroo, blamed the police for the tragedy.

’This going on for 14 years. We found out he was on drugs and we have strange people coming in the village, by his house, quarrelling for money. We always calling the police, but they never coming,’ he said.

Samaroo said his sister had secured a restraining order against the suspect last month. ’This thing going on for many years, but the police never intervene. And this is the result of it. We have no confidence in the police,’ he said.

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