Dismembered bodies of woman, boy found in Forres Park dump

(Trinidad Express) – The dismembered bodies of a woman and boy were found—bagged and dumped—at the Forres Park Landfill near Claxton Bay on Wednesday.

The discovery was made by scavengers who saw the leg of a child protruding from a garbage bag being pecked open by vultures. Police found more body parts nearby.

The heads were not found. The dissections appeared to have been done with a power tool, police said.

The genitalia on a portion of body severed at the hips and at the knees, identified it as a female in her 20s. The legs of the woman were found washed further down a ravine, where the bags were thrown alongside a road leading through the landfill. There were anklets on the legs. The woman’s torso was also not found.

Police said the boy’s body was intact from the neck to the thighs. He was clad in multicoloured underwear. One leg was not found. The child was said to be about ten years old.

The killings took the nation’s murder toll to 300 for the year. There have been over 80 killings since the May 24 general election victory of the People’s Partnership, which campaigned on a promise to take immediate steps to bring rampant criminality under control.

The identities of the two were unknown last night, but police believe they were killed earlier this week.

The best chance investigators have of solving the crime may come from the dump dwellers who told of the activities of strangers at the dump on Tuesday.

Police said that at around 5.30 pm that day, five men came to the dump in a white-coloured Kia panel van and threw several bags into the ravine.

The dump is supposed to be off limits to all except sanitation trucks, and security guards at the entrance are expected to record traffic. Dozens of scavengers live on the landfill.

Local Government Minister Chandresh Sharma, whose ministry has authority over the Solid Waste Management Company (SWMCOL) at its landfills, went to the dump during the police search.

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