Gunmen attack Jamaica all-inclusive hotel

(Go-Jamaica) There are worries that there could be a fallout in the tourist sector this winter following Tuesday  night’s attack by gunmen on a prominent all-inclusive hotel in Negril Westmoreland.

None of the visitors were injured, but it is understood that a staff member was hurt in the attack which also triggered widespread panic at the hotel.

According to reports at about 10:30 p.m. three armed men entered the hotel and demanded that the receptionist direct them to the manager.

They were reportedly told that the manager was not available and they proceeded to demand money from the receptionist.

It’s further reported that when the receptionist was unable to meet their demand, the gunmen ordered him to run then opened fire at him.

He received several shots to the back and was taken to hospital where he was admitted.

Our sources say the incident resulted in delays in accepting visitors who had just arrived from Britain at the Sangster International Airport.

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