Venezuela opposition slams “coup d’etat” by Chavez

CARACAS,  (Reuters) – Venezuela’s opposition accused  President Hugo Chavez yesterday of a “coup d’etat” after the  outgoing parliament gave him the power to rule by decree for 18  months and pushed through a host of new laws.

A newly united opposition coalition that won about half the  popular vote at a legislative poll in September will take 40  percent of seats in the National Assembly from Jan. 5, when it  had hoped to put the brakes on the former soldier’s agenda.

But the opposition was outraged by the outgoing  parliament’s move to let Chavez bypass the next Assembly by  granting him decree powers, at the same time as passing a raft  of new laws, many of them contentious.
“We strongly condemn the coup d’etat that is in full swing  by the regime and seeks to put in place a Communist system  through a militarized and totalitarian state,” the opposition  members said in a joint statement.

They said the South American country was at a dramatic  point in its history, and they urged Venezuelans to unite and  reject the government’s moves “peacefully but energetically.”

Chavez has said he needs the wide-ranging decree powers to  deal with a national emergency caused by floods that killed 40  people and drove nearly 140,000 more from their homes.

Meanwhile, the outgoing parliament — dominated by his  ruling Socialist Party — has passed several laws that include  making it easier to nationalize banks, police content on the  Internet, and stop lawmakers voting against their own parties.

U.S.-based Human Rights Watch (HRW) said three of the bills  dealing with local media, telecommunications and human rights  activists posed “serious threats” to free speech and the work  of civil society.

“Chavez and his supporters are once again ratcheting up the  government’s power to punish critics,” Jose Miguel Vivanco,  HRW’s Americas director, said in the statement.

The president has repeatedly rejected the opposition’s  allegations that the new package of laws — and his special  decree powers — are ushering in Cuban-style communism.

“Now the oligarchy is again calling for rebellion and for  people to ignore the authorities,” he said at a function at a  military base on Wednesday. “We cannot let down our guard.”

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