Tourists will be put off by the way Guyanese treat their dogs

My husband Captain Zak and I have worked all over the world, and for the last four years we have been living and working in New Amsterdam. Although I love the beauty of your country and the cultural diversity of the people, there is one area that really concerns and upsets me.

In every other part of the world I have visited man’s best friend is his dog. However, in Guyana it seems that a dog is treated almost as if it were vermin. Never have I seen such sick, mistreated animals. It is so obvious from their fear of humans that these animals have known nothing but cruelty at the hands of humans since they were born.

A dog should be the most trusted and loyal companion you ever have if he is treated with love and kindness. A dog will not answer you back, he will not fight with you, he will not steal from you but he will shower you with affection and defend you.

I have read many articles in your newspapers about how you are trying to promote tourism to boost your economy. Well, let me tell you one thing, any tourist from the Western world that was to visit Guyana and see the way you treat dogs, and for that matter any other animal, would not be planning to return here again.

Apparently, in Guyana there is an organization called the Guyana Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. I wonder what these people actually do, as I have seen no evidence of them protecting any animals in the Berbice area!

Yours faithfully,
Antje El Dib

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