What is Total Info Weather?

Dear Editor,

This TV-G really knocks me out. Almost a year after Tony Vieira sold his TV station, traditional viewers of Channel 28 have been observing a drastic change in programming trends. Even the Evening News has changed its format, and I dare say, style of reporting. While some of the changes are positive, TV-G leaves much to be desired. Mr Vieira would have cringed had he been here in Guyana to see what the station he nurtured from a baby, so to speak, and grown in his own hand, had become today, or is slowly becoming. But maybe he is keeping abreast with what has become one of the most outstanding TV stations in Guyana. Frankly speaking, I am angry at Mr Vieira for selling the station, but I do not question his motives even as he decided to pack up and leave Guyana.

But what the heck is this Total Info Weather? A plethora of inaccurate weather forecasts, and they are only for Georgetown Airport, reinforcing the fact that Georgetown is Guyana. TV stations must be careful when pulling off weather info for Guyana on the internet. I do not know the source for TV-G’s weather reports and seven-day forecasts, but they’re as inaccurate as can be.

On Thursday, April 22, viewers were watching Total Info Weather from 6.59 pm – 7.04 pm nonstop. The Evening News was late as usual (this never happened under Tony Vieira), and at 7.04 pm, “Next: The Evening News” was displayed on our screens for 7 minutes. The Evening News began at 7.11pm. In his TV Commentary about 10 years ago on the Evening News, Tony Vieira related to me that his employees would hear from him if ever they made viewers watch a message or station identification on the screen for more than a minute.

Yours faithfully,
Leon J. Suseran

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