Misrepresentations in reports on Supenaam Stelling

Dear Editor,

BK International Inc wishes to respond to a number of misrepresentations and inaccuracies about the Supenaam Stelling carried in Kaietuer News and Stabroek News dated April 29, 2010.

Stabroek News reported that the stelling sunk. This is absolutely not true. It is the pontoon that the Ministry of Works placed below the structure that sank. Stabroek News has an obligation to check the facts before going to print.

We draw your attention to the following points:

1.  The sunken pontoon noted in the KN photo and story was not part of the design and thus was not built or placed by BK International Inc.

2.  The ramp under strain charge and accompanying (KN) photo is a fundamental misrepresentation of what is actually on the ground.  “Strain” implies design and construction faults.  The loose plate in the (KN) photo is the result of a huge excavator (22 tons) that has been traversing the plate with its steel tracks.  Boards should have been placed over the plates.

3.  The workers who “messed up” anchoring the sunken pontoon were not from BK International Inc.

4.  BK International Inc built the stelling according to the design and in full compliance with all technical specifications.

5.  The original design and construction was for a roll-on roll-off gangway.

6.  BK International engineers are of the view that the ferry stage (ramp) should be extended, not the gangway.  The ferry stage may also be replaced.

7.  Modification of the structure should not have proceeded without consultation with the design and construction firms.  The Ministry of Works has not contacted BK International Inc regarding its modifications currently under construction.

We wish to emphasize that the works were satisfactorily completed by BK Inter-national Inc and a Completion Certificate was issued to us on January 19, 2010 by the employer.  This certified that all defects, if any, were made good to the satisfaction of the consultants. The structure was successfully tested with an 18 ton vehicle in the presence of two ministers of the government and other stakeholders.

We wish to further state that BK International Inc is not involved in the present modifications to the stelling which are being carried out by the Ministry of Public Works & Communications.

Yours faithfully,
Egan Bazilio
BK International Inc

Editor’s note

As was stated in the report which we carried, Minister Robeson Benn provided us with the information on the Supenaam Stelling.

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