Search and rescue operation for missing helicopter showcased Guyana in the best of lights

Dear Editor,

I would like to convey our most sincere thanks and gratitude to the men and women of the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority, the Guyana Defence Force and the owners and staff of private aviation companies who coordinated, planned and executed the recent search and rescue operation that located the missing BO-105 helicopter, registration N911BH.  We were thoroughly impressed and heartened by the efforts made by all involved in the operation.  The standard of the operation was impeccable and equal to the highest international standards.  The conduct of the operation was most commendable for its efficiency, promptness of response and professional manner displayed.  We commend all those involved; they are a credit and asset to the nation of Guyana.

In particular we extend our thanks to Mr Robeson Benn, Minister of Public Works and Transport;  Commodore G Best,  Chief of Staff Guyana Defence Force; Mr Zulficar Mohamed, Interim Director General, Guyana Civil Aviation Authority; Mr Roy Sookhoo, Senior Air Traffic Control Officer, Guyana Civil Aviation Authority;  Lieutenant Colonel CFC  Kyte, Lieutenant Colonel (rtd) A Nezamudeen, Major C Byrne, Major (rtd) M Charles,  Captain J Assanah, and Captain A Weekes, and Lieutenant M Benjamin of the Guyana Defence Force; and finally Captain Gerry Gouveia, Chairman, Private Sector Commission, who bravely ventured  into the night in the first attempt to locate our missing helicopter.

As a company that was showcasing Guyana as a destination for mineral investment I can sincerely say that the standard of the search and rescue operation mounted showed Guyana in the very best of lights. It showed not only that Guyana has the people, capacity and resources to execute such an emergency response, but it also demonstrated that Guyana and its people do the utmost to welcome and assist their investment partners.

Again I thank them all for their extraordinary and phenomenal efforts.

Yours faithfully,
Dominic O’Sullivan
Managing Director,
Pharsalus Gold Inc

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