The Guyana government needs to take note of what is happening in the Gulf of Mexico

Dear Editor,
The eco-disaster that is unfolding in the Gulf of Mexico as I craft this, is something the Government of Guyana needs to be thinking about, considering their plans to have the crude brought to the surface off shore of Guyana. It would be a painful experience for the nation whose people may simply become involuntary vegetarians – not that such would be a bad thing – and there would be long-term ecological disruption to all facets of life from the shores of Guyana to the far-reaching salt water in the rivers and creeks.

I guess if any rigs are set up offshore here and the crude flows, the royalties from such ventures  could well be the ‘blessing’ in disguise to move the nation from the ‘beach’ to the hills, which could be similar to any of the ABCs where so many of us live and enjoy peace, safety and security. The ocean’s tidal flow is from a south-eastern direction, so think what could unfold if a ‘leak’ should occur from a rig off the Corentyne River.

International help will arrive as soon as  it is broadcast by CNN, because the flow from the Orinoco will shift the slick further out and could affect Barbados and then the rest of the islands in the Caribbean Sea.

Yours faithfully,
Michael Tannassee

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