Why could package not be sent to Essequibo coast?

Dear Editor,

We live in a world where every country is striving to build a modern business when competition is everywhere, and where speed, reliability and customer care are of great importance.

DHL operates globally with excellent service. Last week a package was sent from the Caribbean to Guyana using DHL. The delivery address was on the Essequibo Coast, and the person received a call from the DHL Georgetown Office telling them to come to Georgetown to collect the package. When I called the Manager of DHL, to my surprise I was told that the address in Essequibo, just a stone’s throw from the major town Anna Regina, is a remote location; wow. Well I had to laugh, I wanted to know how the Essequibo coast was a remote location for a company such as DHL; even a place like Kamarang in the interior I would not call a remote location since there is regular air transport there.

It is things like these that keep Guyana from moving ahead; the lack of vision of our people, the lack of productivity and initiative. I know there is regular transportation to all of Essequibo, so why is it that DHL Guyana has this area on its black list? The package cost G$5,000 to send – a total waste of money for a package that cannot reach an address in a major town.

Yours faithfully,
Stanton Gomes

Editor’s note

We are sending a copy of this letter to DHL for any comment they might wish to make.

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