No explanations from NCN

Dear Editor,
Quite recently, programmes presented by Mr Raymond King sponsored by the business community of Linden and heard over NCN Linden Channel 11 were taken off the air. Maybe NCN is not obligated to inform the viewing and listening public as to what caused the withdrawal, but because of a lack of information citizens are left to speculate as to the cause.

A town without a tongue, we, the citizens of Linden, hear only of our leaders and not from them. The President of our nation makes it his duty to report on issues he believes are of interest to the Guyanese people on the programme the President’s diary, so what about our Regional Chairman and Mayor?

Towards the end of April NCN’s Linden radio transmission was off the air for over one week.

This is a regular feature and no one seems to care any more about anything that disturbs the Linden town’s people.

I pray daily that one day the people of Region 10 would elect or select the right people to occupy responsible positions who would make responsible decisions that would make a difference.

Yours faithfully,
Winslow Agard

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