The problem is not a lack of garbage bins but the personal habits of many Georgetowners

Dear Editor,
Ranfred Williams’ letter titled ‘Georgetown needs garbage bins’ (SN, May 1) misses the point. Yes, the city could do with more garbage bins but the bigger problem is the nasty and deplorable personal habits of many city dwellers. Even if the city is populated and overflowing with bins some filthy residents will eat and drop their garbage right where they are standing, sometimes in close proximity to a garbage bin. People toss garbage out of passing vehicles without thinking. This is more a mentality problem than a logistical problem. In developed countries if one cannot find a bin they usually hold onto their garbage until they find a bin or take it home and dump it. People walk with plastic bags in their purses and on their persons to deal with garbage. People stop others they see littering and tell them about it.

A law should be instituted that every place of business must provide a proper garbage disposal system for customers.

Similarly, every residence must have a proper garbage collection and disposal system or face an escalating system of fines.

If people are unwilling to change, such change must be legislated for and enforced accordingly. The people of Georgetown should start by showing some concern.

Yours faithfully,
Michael Maxwell

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