How low can the human heart sink?

Dear Editor,

I refer to a letter of May 1 caption ‘Is this how cruel people have become,’ (GC, May 1) where the writer was traumatized over a horse on the road with a slit stomach and that no one seem interested in assisting the wounded horse.

If this horse was hit by a vehicle it would have suffered internal injuries minor or serious, but never a slit stomach.

What kind of human being does not have the inborn sense that fatally wounding an innocent animal that lives around people is an expression of the lowest human quality? I further state that these animals are better than the people who are violent and cruel to them. The evil that men do lives within them.

When animals are abused, as seems to be the norm – hardly a beautiful image for Guyana and tourism – and where their injuries are vivid to everyone on the street, it shows that many locals think these animals are garbage and worthless so they turn a blind eye to a living creature suffering in silence. How low can the human heart sink?

Having faith in God who created all living things is having the strength of will to control and hold back one’s corrupt actions. Faith in our Creator is what strengthens our hearts, our spirits and our minds that will empower us to live in peace with each other. Mankind and animals both share the earth for habitat.

I assume the poor, the downtrodden and the under-achievers do not read the newspapers and clearly have no clue about all the letters highlighting extreme animal cruelty.

But I am sure the majority may have a small TV because it is easier to watch TV than read the newspapers; therefore, the authorities need to reach out with announcements on the proper treatment of animals.

If children grow up to become productive citizens but do not learn to be humane or are not taught by their elders to respect animals, then the cycle of abuse of animals will continue. Children abroad are fond of animals in the zoo, in the barn, on the farmlands and in animal sanctuaries. Thus, they grow up having respect and kindness for animals.

The reported cases of animal cruelty are seen mostly in the city, so all others are at the mercy of the Lord. I do not dismiss the other serious and pressing matters facing Guyana, however, without voices for the voiceless how do we build the human spirit?

Yours faithfully,
Zenobia Williams

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