Kwakwani Secondary School grateful for opportunity to take part in schools’ basketball championship

Dear Editor,

Please allow me to congratulate the organisers and sponsors of Victory Valley Royals Schools Basketball Championship for secondary schools in Region Ten. From what I saw at the semi-finals and finals, it is very clear that there are selfless, committed Guyanese who will continue to throw in their lot if an activity is properly planned.

This sixth championship involved Kwakwani Secondary School, which had to be provided with transportation, meals and accommodation. This required careful planning and commitment from organisers and sponsors.

The players and supporters of the Kwakwani Secondary School Basketball team would like to extend our sincere gratitude to our sponsors, the organisers and promoters of this year’s championship and for giving the youths of Kwakwani the opportunity to participate.

Yours faithfully,
J A Morian

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