Pensioners should walk with old ID card when uplifting pensions

Dear Editor,

The Guyana Post Office Corporation regrets the inconvenience experienced by the writer of the letter in your April 29 edition captioned ‘Post Offices rejecting new ID cards for payment of pensions’ and any other pensioner who may have had a similar experience.

The corporation wishes to advise that the Ministry of Human Services has given clear instructions via circular to us relative to the payment of old age pensions.

Inclusive of this is the directive that paying officers must compare the ID number on the ID card presented with that listed on the inside cover of the pension booklet.

It is our understanding that the ministry has advised pensioners to thus walk with their old ID card with a view to protecting the integrity of the process.

Pensioners and persons uplifting pension payments on behalf of pensioners are kindly asked to take note of this when visiting any post office to uplift pension payments.

Yours faithfully,
Yolaskee Jervis
Public Relations Officer
Guyana Post Office Corporation

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