Not impressed with comedy offering

Dear Editor,

I was not really impressed with the Mori J’Von Comedy Jam performance and set-up at the Rose Hall Estate Community Centre Ground in Berbice last weekend. I wish to share some constructive criticisms in this letter, which I hope would be taken into consideration for further improvement the next time these performances are hosted. I say that because many of these entertainment shows are exhibited with much hype on our TV screens but the patrons do not really get the value for their money, as in this case.

First of all, the event started late, and that is a typical Guyanese experience that we cannot seem to get away from or seem to wish to change. The deejay kept teasing patrons to wait this much and that much, and the show did not start at 7pm but way after 8 ‘o clock. Next, I thought the ground arrangement could have been better. That ground has two large pavilions which were packed to capacity. The stage was so far away from the pavilions that I had to strain my eyes to keep up with what was going on. Two projector screens were placed on both sides of the stage, I guess to assist with seeing what was going on, and a little closer than the stage, too. But screens were too small, and were placed too far away. The video quality being projected was very dark and one could barely recognize what was going on at times. This took away a lot from the show which consisted mainly of a series of live performances. Viewers must be able to see the mannerisms and be able to make personal eye contact with the actors of the skit, thus fully understanding the concepts and aims which the skit intends to portray. The distance of the stage from the pavilion and the two poorly established projector screens did not do justice at all.

Microphone issues were present and this resulted in the crowds hollering to the far-away actors to get their microphones fixed. I need not mention that the skits, too, were far from appealing – at least to me. I laughed at times but it was not hearty laughter, at least not like when I laughed during Link Show 26. I mention the Link because Mori J’Von has a similar format save for the political satire, which I found thoroughly amusing.

The Canje ground has no washroom facilities and so there were persons relieving themselves near, aback and under the pavilions. These performances, especially those dealing with acting and skits, deserve to be housed in an indoor setting, where the acoustics are tolerable; this cozy setting adds to the live performances and makes the audience feel closer, literally and otherwise, with the actors.

I believe the event was over-advertised and should have been held over a two-night period to accommodate more people. These shows always promise you the world and only dish out half the excitement that to me is neither worth my time nor my hard-earned dollars. I’ll make an exception for the Link Show; I just have to.

Yours faithfully,
Leon Suseran

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