‘Truck men treated like second class citizens’

Dear Editor,

On May 1, while having coffee at my favourite coffee shop a gentleman whom I understand is connected to a trucking service inquired of me how I felt about the police preventing trucks travelling on the East Bank road between the hours of 8am to 2pm on April 30.

When I replied I hadn’t given it a thought, he continued: “You see George, dem truck men don’t play ball on de road, dem fetch goods to feed people an build Guyana an when dem spend 6 hour park up with food and building supply, de people waiting fo de goods an de truck men all suffer.”

The truck man’s final words on this subject were: “De road wide enough fo truck to travel and fo dem who going to cricket, dat is why government give we four lane, yet we get treatment like second class.” Well I assured the chap I would let Stabroek News know of his concerns, so I am doing that.

Yours faithfully,
W P George

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