The Kwakwani roads are in a deplorable state

Dear Editor,
Sometimes I try to remain silent on issues that affect my community, but find it extremely difficult. I would want to wait for the appropriate forum at the community level to highlight some of the issues and offer ideas about solutions, but these forums no longer exist or if they do, I am not invited.

But I am grateful to be able to understand the words of my deceased grandmother who said “Plain speaka nah get bench fuh sid dun,” and The Link Show for the words of the song “When something wrang and is know yoh know, stan’ up stan up and say it is so.”

The roads in Kwakwani are in the most deplorable state, and this is less than three months after repairs were done using a $3 million subvention for 2010. In the past we employed our own residents (who we all acknowledge are mostly unemployed) to fill potholes, and the roads stood up for much longer. Judging by the state of the roads it can be said without fear that the Kwakwani community was ripped off with the 2009 NDC subvention.
How the leaders and decision-makers feel when they walk or drive around the community is a challenge to one’s imagination, especially when you know full well that they are the contributors to the mess. Will the same old same old happen in 2010? I hope and pray that it will not. Residents will have to work together for better.

Another road issue that affects residents is the Kwakwani-Linden road. Millions of dollars are expended each year and when it rains this road becomes a mess, especially around the 20 Mile area between Linden and Ituni. The road damages vehicles (including our ambulance) and is a terrible discomfort to the heavily taxed bauxite workers travelling to and from the worksite. Are those persons associated with road repairs over the decade not ashamed of their work?

Why after building this road by self help in the 1970s, residents have to endure this kind of hardship in 2010? To travel this 64-mile road takes about 3½-4 hours; it is a rough ride and we are not in the heart of the rainy season as yet.
Can someone with a heart hear our plea? We are Guyanese who deserve better.
Your faithfully,
J A Morian

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