Institute for the Blind in need of a fence on two sides

Dear Editor,
The Guyana Institute for the Blind is located in St Philip’s Green, D’Urban and High Streets. The institute does tremendous work in helping the blind and visually impaired, being the only official institution providing this type of service.

I have been dealing with and supporting the institute since childhood, some 50 years ago, having grown up in the area. I provide snacks once a month as well as upkeep the surroundings by cleaning and weeding the grounds every month.

A meshed fence was built some time ago to ensure the security of residents, but this structure was destroyed by ‘junkies’ who stole the mesh for the scrap business. This has left the blind persons at the mercy of undesirables who prey on them and steal anything in the compound.

We are calling on the big construction companies or other individual benefactors to come to the rescue of these vulnerable people by building a concrete fence on two sides of the compound.

The other two sides are adequately covered by a permanent fence. We would also appreciate if at the same time, a shed could be constructed next to the institute so that the blind persons could rest, relax and play games in the open.

We are also calling on the MCC or other authorities to fog the area, as the mosquitoes are causing havoc.

Yours faithfully,
Hermon Bholaisingh

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