The post office has measures in place to expedite the processing of mail

Dear Editor,

The Guyana Post Office Corporation would like to assuage the minds of readers who would have been subject to the unfair remarks of Mr Leon Suseran in a letter that appeared in the April 27 edition of the Stabroek News (‘The postal service is out of date’). While it was pointed out that there are flights out of Guyana every day it must be realised that not all airlines that operate out of Guyana have committed to moving the mail. Additionally those that have committed to moving mail must take them to ‘in transit’ destinations, which therefore means that this administration, like every other postal administration, must depend on these in-transit administrations to facilitate the further conveyance of international mail. Enquiries from local customers seeking advice on incoming mail from Canada, the UK and the US, among other international destinations, clearly indicate that the challenges are not just with outgoing mail but similarly with incoming mail.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Guyana Post Office Corporation wishes to assure the public that it has in place certain scheduled arrangements and personnel to ensure the efficient and expeditious processing of all types of mail.

The GPOC processes and takes mail to Timehri for further dispatch via airline services on every working day of the week. Further by 7am on every working day of the week mail received from Timehri is processed for dispatch throughout our local Guyana territories. Additionally, two trips are made on Mondays to Timehri to offset the build-up of mail entering the administration on weekends and these are duly processed. While the corporation acknowledges that oftentimes situations regarding flight arrangements and the in-transit processing of mail may be outside of its control, it wishes to assure the public that it has measures in place to efficiently expedite the processing of mail with a view to preserving its integrity and sanctity.

Yours faithfully,
Yolaskee Jervis
Public Relations Officer/SA to
Postmaster General
Guyana Post Office Corporation

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