Congratulations to the Ladies National Football Team

Dear Editor,
Firstly, let me offer my sincere appreciation and admiration for the Ladies National Football Team. Congratulations to them on their exemplary and stellar performance.  I, along with all of Guyana’s football loving fans, wish them the best in the Gold Cup and qualification for Germany’s World Cup finals in 2011.

Now to my main focus. The previous executive committee of the Georgetown Football Association (GFA) including Messrs Troy Mendonca and Marlon Cole was by far the most productive of any of the affiliates of the Guyana Football Federation (GFF). Over the past two  years under their stewardship, sponsored competitions were held in all age groups with increasing public interest, co-operation, support and attendance.

Competing in these competitions were Alpha United and Western Tigers, whose presidents, Mr Lumumba and Mr Gilhuys respectively, now constitute the Interim Management Committee (IMC) of the GFA instituted by the governing body, the GFF.
I remember in the not too distant past, during the inaugural President’s Cup organized by Alpha Utd, the competition was halted because of irregularities with players’ registration and transfers. The competition was only restarted after Mr Lumumba, then President of the GFA, was satisfied that ‘things’ were in order. Clubs were regularized, ie, made standard with regard to procedures acceptable to FIFA, Concacaf and the Caribbean Football Union (CFU).

It was therefore very surprising to read Mr Gilhuys stating, after the IMC was criticized for inactivity and not accomplishing their short-term objectives, that football cannot proceed without the due compliance of all clubs affiliated to the GFA with their constitutional requirements.

Finally, it was also somewhat of a surprise that Mr Lumumba was selected by the GFF as a member of the IMC.

Yours faithfully,
Bilaal Eusi Nantambu

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