Demerara Waves will broadcast controversial session of research conference

Dear Editor,
 Please allow me some scarce space to let your readers know that today – Saturday, July 10, 2010— Demerara Waves will be bringing listeners an un-edited broadcast of one of the sessions of the Guyana Institute of Historical Research’s 3rd Annual Conference.

You will be able to listen by logging on to at 6 PM (Guyana Time), giving you an opportunity to have a dispassionate understanding of what exactly transpired.

That session saw presentations on Guyana’s political landscape by Dr. Melissa Ifill and Political Scientist and newspaper columnist, Freddie Kissoon.

Parts of the session were disrupted by several persons who were “paid hecklers who arrived with the specific intention of bringing the conference proceedings to a premature end” at the beginning of Mr. Kissoon’s presentation. Concerns were also raised by Office of the President operative, Dr Randy Persaud and Charles Ramson Jr. They were booed and heckled and told to sit down by several legitimate attendees including a number of past and present activists of the Working People’s Alliance (WPA) and social and political activist, Mark Benschop.
Yours faithfully,
Denis Chabrol

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