This differently-able cyclist was truly inspiring

Dear Editor,

My wish has finally become a reality in seeing The Netherlands and Spain making it to the finals of the 2010 World Cup Soccer. The history book will finally be re-written with a new name engraved on the trophy and it is indeed a breath of fresh air to have two teams in the finals that never hoisted the coveted soccer trophy.

As much as I wanted so much to literally jump with joy, it never happened because of some unexpected situations that came my way. Nevertheless, I will try to regain my focus and enjoy the game all the way to the end.

I will definitely be wearing a white t-shirt on Sunday being neutral because I just can’t come to grips and favour one over the other.

Thanks to the management of NCN for the broadcast of the games and a heartfelt gratitude to all sponsors.
Having said that, as much as the soccer matches overshadowed quite a lot of other sports over the past few weeks, I must take this opportunity to congratulate the Guyanese contingent for their superb success at the just concluded “Hampton Games” in Trinidad.

Turning the corner to cycling, I just can’t complete this commentary without saying that I was totally in awe to learn of the win by differently-able cyclist, Ian “Dumb Boy” Jackson at the 7th Annual Caricom “Wheat Up” Road Race. This is one truly amazing achievement and should be an inspiration to many. I will admit that I am genuinely inspired by Ian’s achievement even though I don’t possess athletic abilities.

Yours faithfully,

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