Holding of office beyond term allowable is repugnant

Dear Editor,
I hasten to refer to the letter in Stabroek News of July 09, 2010, under hand of Mr. Winston Bentham in which he states that he was a former councillor and community leader and he was saddened by the display showed by Councillors Jordan, Garrett, Chase-Greene and Llewellyn John at a recent meeting of the city council.

The sadness of the former councillor/community leader is regretted, but the issues referred to by him are irrelevant,

Why does he think the law provides that after five consecutive terms, the Mayor should demit office? The reason is obvious — a chance should be given to see what someone else can do.

The call for new sources of revenue is not a new one. It was there long before the life of this current 15 year long council.   The earlier it is recognized that the holding of office beyond the term allowable by law is repugnant, the better.

Yours faithfully,
C M Llewellyn John

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