Step away from Marriott and step-up to Mahdia

Dear Editor,
Fires have destroyed much in Guyana and the evidence is clear. The loss in Mahdia is the last in a long line of conflagrations; and regrettably, there will be more in a system that is underfunded, especially on the fire prevention end.  Now this is the proposal: Instead of the Government spending money to build a Marriott hotel of dubious merit and financial viability (see SN Editorial, July 12, 2010; and Mr. Balwant Persaud’s letter of July 12, 2010), the money could be better spent on rebuilding Mahdia, the hub that leads to one of the few expanding sectors in a contracting economy.  This is an opportunity for the Government of Guyana to step away from Marriott and step-up to Mahdia, a place where taxpayers’ money will not be wasted, if done with the right safeguards and accountability mechanisms.

Yours faithfully,
C. K Hunte

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