Operations at the Agricola Post Office being reviewed

Dear Editor,
The Guyana Post Office Corporation wishes to acknowledge the concerns raised in a letter captioned `When will the Agricola Post Office reopen?’ that appeared in your letter column on Monday 5th July, 2010. The Corporation also expresses regret for any inconvenience experienced as a result of the decreased operations at its Agricola Post Office. It must be reiterated that due to a break and entry at this office in June it was seen fit to reduce operations there on a temporary basis and engage all concerned to decide on the way forward regarding this office. Arrangements were made to ensure that mail delivery was not interrupted and that all residents who are served by the Post Office at Agricola continue to access mail services as usual.

The Corporation wishes to assure the public that it remains committed to providing quality services in environments that ensure their safety as well as the safety of staff members. As such it has been working diligently to implement measures that will ensure that persons are still able to access the services they are familiar with at the said office.

In view of the recent breakages and previous robberies that have occurred at the Agricola Post Office the Corporation has taken the prudent step toward reviewing the level of operations it will engage at this location. This review is ongoing and has so far birthed necessary arrangements that will allow for the payment of Old Age and NIS pensions at the Agricola Post Office on the due dates. The public and relevant authorities will be appropriately informed of these dates in the future.

Yours faithfully,
Yolaskee Jervis
Public Relations Officer
Guyana Post Office Corporation

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