Does the sale of the President’s house show a lack of confidence in the country?

Dear Editor,

The news of the President disposing of what I assume is his principal private residence within a relatively short time of ownership has startled me to put it mildly.

I do not recall reading of former Presidents of our country doing this, particularly while they still occupy high office. In fact even in other countries, one rarely reads of any such occurrence which also could mean that such situations do not warrant them being published.

However, permit me to ask the following questions to anyone who can answer:

Does this not show a lack of confidence in his own country, or at least can this not be construed this way in the minds of the average person?

Is he preparing to leave the country after next elections? If so this would be shocking and leaves many questions in the minds of people especially with his various grandiose projects in the making such as Amaila and the new Marriott proposal etc.

Is the President subject to Capital Gains tax? I hope this is the case, so as a last act he could probably consider reducing the rate or increase the threshold whichever is deemed more acceptable.

Does the president own another residence?

Is the buyer Guyanese? If not what nationality is he?

I look forward to your answers as the timing of this reminds me of the song “There are more questions than answers”.

Yours faithfully,
(Name and address supplied)

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