Would the police or army chief listen to Salimoon’s cry?

Dear Editor,

Your Sunday edition of July 11th carried for the second time an appeal from Salimoon Rahaman the mother of little Ricky Jainarine who disappeared since August last year. Ricky’s father and friend with him were both found dead in their boat and the child who had accompanied them on that luckless day is unaccounted for.

Salimoon knows her husband is dead and she has accepted that and would like to move on however she cannot move on unless she gets an answer as to what has happened to her son. Is no one in authority listening?

If Ricky died of an illness or even by an accident Salimoon would have understood however she can never be at peace until she learns where her son is or what may have happened to him.

Would the Commissioner of Police and or the Army Chief of Staff pay some attention to Salimoon’s  cry?

Yours faithfully,
W.P. George

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