Minister Lall should exercise some decorum in the future

Dear Editor,

While I usually refrain from becoming involved in political discussions in Guyana, I cannot help but be taken aback by the recent statements pertaining to a health crisis in Georgetown that were attributed to Local Government Minister Kellawan Lall. How is it possible that a human being, let alone one who is in a position to purportedly help develop our country can wish a health crisis on the capital city?

Does he truly understand the repercussions both in the short and long-term of such a crisis? Or is the enormity of the fallout beyond the scope of his comprehension?

Irrespective of personal feelings which he may or may not have for Mayor Hamilton Green, that is just plain malicious, unwarranted and uncalled for. There is absolutely no justification for wishing something of that magnitude on any city. Personal feelings aside Minister Lall, as the holder of a high office it would behoove you to exercise some decorum and think carefully before going off on a rant. There is no doubt that were such a crisis to occur it would not be confined to Georgetown and your constituents will most certainly also be affected.

Yours faithfully,
Yolande Gittens

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