Parika/Supenaam service only has two boats with sheds

Dear Editor,
Are the residents of the Essequibo Coast not counted or respected by this administration. In the year 2009, the Maritime Administration passed a regulation that all speed boats operating in Guyana must be equipped with a shed and to date many areas have complied – the Georgetown/Vreed-en-Hoop, Bartica/Parika Mackenzie – Wismar but the speedboats operating the Parika/Wakenaam/Supenaam Service have not complied.

One wonders why these speedboat owners who are members of the Parika/Supenaam speed boat owners Association are not complying and the government has failed to insist that they comply.

The Parika/Supenaam service only has two shed boats but even with heavy rainfall passengers could only travel in the open boats because of the turn system.

My Robeson Benn please act quickly. I suffered a lot of losses travelling in an open boat by rainfall.

Yours faithfully,
Javet Peters

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