Why can’t boom boxes be outlawed except at certain events?

Dear Editor,
Many times I have voiced complaints regarding the playing of loud music in one’s community and the papers tend to find this matter frivolous and so failed to print the letters. I am not sure that this letter would be printed because such refusal gives the writer the impression that noise complaints must not be made in the papers.

However, I shall venture to complain. Even as I am writing this letter, I chose to do so because I am disturbed from viewing and listening to the TV. My opposite  neighbour chose to blare his music system at an inconsiderate decibel. I am in an enclosed room and can still hear the junk that is being played for music. It is now 6.30 pm.

Once before I had called the police. I have stopped doing so because you have to give your name, address and other personal details.

This information, most times, is given to the people whom you complained of. I am not sure that this is the correct approach of the police to mention the identity of the complainant. The police must deal with the report and not the reporter.

I am at a loss at times to fathom the reasoning as to why our society is becoming loud and obnoxious.

I am not against the trash that some people want to listen to, but I am very much against the loudness that becomes a real nuisance to the sanity of a community.

Why can’t boom boxes be outlawed except at certain events in certain surroundings? Couldn’t the law (if there is any) be applied to preserve the greater good of the society? I do not want to be forced to listen to anybody’s music.

This is blatant invasion of one’s privacy by others’ inconsideration. Right now I am angry. I do not know when this idiotic music will be stopped.

Editor, unless complaints as  this is  highlighted we will all believe that people are all happy about this.

Yours faithfully,
Name and address supplied

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