Bush has taken over Wismar bank

Dear Editor,

Sometime during the latter period of 2009, shops, shacks and other businesses were forcibly or willingly removed from the Wismar bank of the Demerara River. I consider the actions of the Mayor and Town Council as correct and I want to commend them for a job well done. Because of those actions the Wismar Market is now partly filled with businesses.

Very soon, it will be one year since those buildings were removed. Today, bushes and trees have replaced those structures partly preventing us from having a clear view from either side of the river. I’m scared, that one day or someday jaguars and large snakes may appear from those bushes as they become more and more clustered making meals of our citizens. We are a small population and it would be very bad to lose brothers and sisters to animals in the middle of town.

I want to suggest to the person or persons, organization or organizations who have responsibility for removing those bushes to do whatever is necessary and get the job done quickly.

Yours faithfully,
Winslow Parris

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