Sand used to build this road shoulder which is crumbling

Dear Editor,

Sub-standard work is very much evident in contracts being executed in Region #2 with yet another instance where the use of sand to build a road shoulder has seen it crumbling even with the modest rainfall with the worst yet to come during the torrential season.

Only recently, several miles of new roadway were provided aback of Onderneeming Sand Pit in close proximity to the Lil Red Village which was given that name after Food for the Poor established a Housing Project for hundreds of families there.

The job was done by a private contractor outside of the district with much public concern as to whether the use of sand for the shoulder was specified in the contract.

Even with the bountiful availability of loam just nearby, this was not used for the shoulder when its use would have served a better purpose than the sand.

For what reason mud which is generally utilised and not in short supply was not used still remains somewhat baffling.

Throughout the entire region, sand was never used before for this purpose and even with its location being in the backlands a proper shoulder preferably with mud was necessary.

Whenever a job is not properly done in conformity with the contract, taxpayers’ money just keeps going down the drain, but does anyone really care?

The building of the roadway was necessary from the demand for more lands to become accessible for housing purposes within the new scheme area.

Yours faithfully,
Baliram Persaud

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