The taxing of the vacation allowance is anti-working class

Dear Editor,

Something is definitely wrong with the framers of our laws governing tax concessions being granted to Guyanese workers.

If my understanding/interpretation of the law governing tax-free vacation travel is correct, then this can be considered anti-working class, anti-nationalist and very unpatriotic.

The law as I understand, requires an employee to present to his company/employer, travel documents to confirm that he spent his vacation overseas before the concession of tax-free vacation allowance is granted.

Now the average working class employee hardly earns enough to spend his vacation away from home, so he will be paying tax on the little he gets for travelling which makes this law anti-working class.

If you are a nationalist Guyanese who prefers to see Guyana’s beauty before venturing outside then your allowance to travel will be taxed making this law anti-nationalist and if you would like to share a part of this allowance with youth in your community to accompany you and your family on a fishing trip in an interior location, then you are taxed for being patriotic.

Can an explanation be given to the Guyanese worker as to why he must travel overseas before he can enjoy tax free vacation travel allowance?

Shouldn’t every worker be free to spend their vacation travel allowance in whatever way they choose?

Yours faithfully,
(Name and address supplied)

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