I have had the royal runaround trying to get survivor’s benefit from the NIS

Dear Editor,
I write with total disgust, after writing two letters to the General Manager, National Insurance Scheme.

My husband Thakur Shiamsundar N.I. # A-11533551 died on 2009-04-05, while still in the employment of the Ministry of Education (RDC #6).

Having submitted the required documents at N.I.S  Corriverton in May 2009 believe you me onto this date and time I haven’t heard a word on my claim for Survivor’s Benefit.

I have been given the royal runaround, starting from Corriverton to New Amsterdam and then to Georgetown four times.

Contact was made with the benefit supervisor one Ms  Gibson who seems to be at sea, all she said was that one Ms Pluck received it, it is in the system and they are trying to trace the file. Every time I travel from Corriverton to Georgetown is $3,000 return minus meals. I don’t have a husband, my only assistance is my daughter, who has her own family.

I know your paper is noted for action that’s my reason for seeking your help.

Yours faithfully,
Chammallie Girdhari

Editor’s note: A copy of this letter is being sent to the NIS for any comment it may wish to make.

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